We are the Adventure Church.

What is an Adventure Church?  The Adventure Church is simply an approach to church activities with an emphasis on outdoor adventure.  The Adventure Church desires to reach those in the community that love the outdoors and hold worship services with a decidedly Adventure Flavor.
We Believe the work of the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts, and Modern-day Miracles should be a part of the Believer’s Everyday Life.

Here at Delta Praise Center were not just about having Church but about experiencing all God has for us. 

Here at Delta Praise Center were not looking for perfect members, just people that will be themselves.

  Delta Praise Center might be for you!

So who are we and what makes us different?

Delta Praise Center IS NOT ....
*A typical church
*A Place where everyone has it together
*A place where you have to:
-Dress "right"
-Talk "right"
-Act "right"
-Be "right"
-A place where people look at you with a Holier-Than-Thou attitude


So What is My Next Step?.....

Contact us or visit us at 1712 H Road, Delta, CO. 81416

or call Senior Pastor Bill Wadley at  970-209-4620

We would love to hear from you.